What started in 2014 as nightly product research and development sessions in the Scottsdale, AZ workshop, Monument Golf has grown to a global player in the golf accessories world. 

As innovators of the market’s leading magnetic rangefinder strap, Monument Golf was first to concept, first to design, and first to market a simple and easy magnetic solution to the problem of where to put your rangefinder during the round — the STICKIT Magnetic Rangefinder Strap.

The STICKIT Strap has evolved from its original prototype of a neoprene sleeve to the current design that launched in 2016 at the PGA Merchandise Show. The STICKIT Strap features rugged nylon material with hook and loop backing, and a buckle for adjustability. Designed to work on all standard laser rangefinder devices, various colors, styles, sizes and finishes are available to fit your personal style and rangefinder type.

The STICKIT magnetic concept was extended to the golf towel in 2018 with the launch of the Stick It Magnetic Towel at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. Designed with an industrial-strength magnet, the STICKIT Towel sticks to carts and clubs, giving players secure hold, convenient positioning and grab-n-go greenside pick up.

As Monument Golf continues to expand the STICKIT product line, co-founders, entrepreneurs and golf enthusiasts, Jeff Eggen and Chad Gamblin, will design products from a golfer’s point of view – with sole focus of adding speed, convenience and effortless accessibility to a player’s equipment throughout the round.

The Stickit team

Jeff Eggen

A true stick from a young age, Jeff Eggen grew up with a natural affinity for golf.  Born and raised in Wisconsin, the Eggens relocated to Arizona in 2005 where golf could be a year-round focus. After years of playing in Arizona Golf Association amateur events and working his way up to the Dakotas Tour, one day Eggen’s golf path was reshaped in the Nebraska plains.

After receiving a magnetic can koozie as a gift from a playing partner in a pro-am at The Prairie Club in Nebraska, Eggen saw a use for the magnetic koozie cans.  In a subsequent round, he noticed his rangefinder was rolling around the cart cubby amongst empty granola bar wrappers, with the magnetic koozie next to it. In that moment, Eggen envisioned a strap designed to protect the rangefinder, with the ability to securely and magnetically hold to the cart roof frame. And so, the STICKIT Magnetic Strap was born and Eggen’s legacy rewritten.

Chad Gamblin

Drawn to golf because of its competitive nature and individual accountability, Chad Gamblin relocated to Arizona from Kansas City to pursue a life of golf. So when approached by Eggen with the product idea, Gamblin immediately accepted the challenge to create not only a high-quality golf product, but a progressive company from the ground up.

Successfully navigating the abundance of unknowns at the onset, Gamblin lead the evolution of manufacturing, sales and distribution of the STICKIT Strap and joined Eggen in the journey to establish Monument Golf, LLC. And with the overwhelmingly positive response of the STICKIT Strap quality and functionality, product development and manufacturing of the STICKIT Magnetic Towel soon followed.